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We believe that every mama should have access to the healing support they need to achieve their mended mamahood regardless of economic status.

The foundation of my approach to coaching lies in these four pillars of healing, serving as both the roots and stepping stones for my clients' journey. These pillars encompass essential aspects of well-being, guiding us through profound transformation. Within each pillar, we delve into specialized tools and strategies, addressing every facet of healing. This multi-dimensional approach ensures that we go beyond superficial remedies, fostering profound and enduring change.

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Breaking Cycles, Mending Hearts: Helping Children Heal After Domestic Violence

Hey there, have you ever heard these common myths about domestic violence? Myth 1: "Domestic violence only affects physical health." Myth 2: "If someone stays in an abusive relationship, it's their fault." Myth 3: "Children are not deeply impacted by witnessing domestic violence." Curious to know the truth behind these myths? I'll share the real facts with you, so stay tuned.
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Mama Untriggered: Shedding the Burden of Trauma Through Radical Self-Honesty

What if everything you thought would free you from childhood trauma has actually been keeping you stuck? According to Stephana, most survivors search in vain for the key that will unlock their suffering. They look to books, scroll social media, or ask others for the answer. But the real path to freedom starts within. It begins by confronting what lives inside you - your deepest, most avoided feelings.
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Overcoming Trauma and Becoming an Intentional, Present Parent

Have you ever heard the myths about parenting after trauma? Myth 1: Trauma survivors can't be good parents. Myth 2: Healing childhood trauma is impossible once you become a parent. Myth 3: Support for trauma survivor parents is hard to find. But what's the truth? I'll reveal the reality, but trust me, it's a game-changer. Are you ready to bust these myths and uncover the truth? Let's dive in.
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